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Building Demolition Services

Buildings take a long time to construct, huge ones. Destroying one doesn’t take nearly as long! Building demolition requires just as much thought as construction, though. Before getting to the fun part of breaking windows and walls, some things need to be done. Gas, electric, and water services must all be turned off, and whatever you intend to keep must be removed. A catastrophe can occur if the proper safety measures are not implemented. Companies specializing in building demolition, like junk baby, know how to knock down residential and commercial structures. How will you know when a system has to be torn down??

Building Expansion

If your firm is profitable and needs more space, you might have to destroy something else. It might be a dated portion of your building or a nearby structure blocking the way. Before growing your business, it would be beneficial to clean the region. It is easier for the building business to start again by tearing everything down. Numerous obstacles will be eliminated, including the need to match existing foundations and buildings

Condemned Buildings

Some structures can’t be repaired because they are too old and damaged. An outdated building may be brought up to code for much less money than demolishing it would cost. The money would be better spent taking it down and starting over than repairing the plumbing, electrical wiring, insulation, and removing the lead paint.

New Construction

Property values vary from location to location. Thus a savvy buyer may be able to locate an affordable house in a desirable neighborhood because it has a flaw. Usually, that issue is a run-down building or company that no one wants. Making a place for the desired construction requires tearing down the present one. The property is purchased at a bargain, the old building is torn down, the new one is built, and presto! The property is now worth much more.

Recycling and Donation Programs

Demolition Services near Texas strives to prevent demolition waste from going to the neighborhood landfill when working on your home or business project. Our demolition specialists work with neighborhood charities and recyclers to ensure that up to 60% of the material we remove from every demolition operation is donated or utilized for purposes in the future by groups like Habitat For Humanity or the Salvation Army.



At Demolition Services near Texas, we think the client should always come first. Therefore, when you employ us, we’ll work as hard as possible to meet your deadlines and complete the work according to your standards. Our staff is eager to take every chance to demonstrate our abilities to you since we possess the knowledge and experience necessary to accomplish the assignment correctly. With concrete removal near Texas, you’re not only hiring a demolition firm; you’re also employing a highly competent group of reliable individuals who are capable of doing amazing things together. Success is a way of life for us, and going above and beyond for our clients is not simply a goal.


The junk baby’s full-service capabilities cover the spectrum of demolition operations, from tearing down high rises and single-story commercial buildings to razing big industrial complexes. You will value the collaborative, can-do attitude our people bring to every project since we are a firm of innovators and problem-solvers. Our skilled demolition crew will examine every critical component of your intentional destruction. We are known for doing fast-track and challenging projects on time and under budget. We comprehend and address site circumstances and needs, regulating and monitoring environmental problems and unique project obstacles through thorough pre-planning and integrated work plans while putting safety, communication, and collaboration at the forefront.

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