How to Clean Out Your Basement

Basement Cleanout & Junk Removal Services

Whether you’ve got outdated exercise equipment, heavy furniture, old appliances, televisions, or other underground trash and treasure hanging out in your basement, don’t struggle up the basement stairs and fight narrow hallways yourself. Instead, just call in the Junk baby to help! Our clean-cut, friendly team will “wow” you with amazing client service.

How to Clean Out Your Basement

Take on one section at a time.

Moving from one place to another can make the task seem endless.

Organize items into piles.

Stuff to donate, stuff to keep, and junk. If you haven’t used the item in over a year its time to part ways with it.

Reorganize things to keep.

Reorganize the things you are keeping and consolidate them by type.


Junk Removal Items We take

Our teams are happy to take most non-hazardous items from your basement. From large appliances to old exercise equipment, our trained professionals can take it off your hands. Here are a few of the more common items we remove from basements:
Deep Freezers
Range ovens

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